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‘Tis the Season

Last Christmas, (and suddenly the words “I gave you my heart…” sing out in my head), my company Christmas dinner was hosted by Ricardo’s restaurant right here in the heart of Lacey.  I confess, I had not been to Ricardo’s restaurant when they were originally located on Lacey Blvd.  This new location on Woodland Square Loop has been my only experience dining there.

The atmosphere is upscale yet with a warmth that made me feel at home.  The food is amazing but no convincing is necessary there.  You will find that out for yourself with your first delectable bite.



My favorite parts of the experience were the bar which is perfectly located with several stools aligned in a row but with proximity to half the restaurant seating so diners can enjoy the camaraderie even while at their table.  I couldn’t help be dazzled by the bartender who possessed a magical blend of efficiency graced with artistic flare.

The new location is not only a fine dining restaurant but also a venue for large banquets, receptions and business gatherings.  Their lobby is stunning with colorful flames dancing about in the rock lined fireplaces.  Seating is ample and cozy, luring me over on my walk back from the ladies room causing my co-workers to later come searching for me.  It was just a perfectly relaxing place to breathe in the experience.



They are open for lunch but if dining in the evening, you will want to make reservations.  Word has spread and this gem is no longer a local secret but rather a local hangout.




Posted by: kenziepm on December 17, 2017
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