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Safe Harbor

~ Photo by Julie Brannberg

Those of us in the Pacific Northwest have been inundated with warnings of wildfires by the news carriers and weather forecasters.  It’s hard not to let your mind wander and pretty soon the worry and fret can permeate one’s thoughts.  Not a good place to be – fearing the worst and not really feeling like much can be done about it.

I found myself in need of a break from these thoughts this last weekend so I retreated to one of my favorite places – Percival Landing in Olympia.  It was early on a Sunday morning.  The stillness calmed my spirit as I sat on a dock and breathed in the salty, sea-scented air.  Two kayakers were casting their fishing lines into the inlet waters as the seagulls chattered about.  One curiously playful sea otter entertained us – popping his head up every so many minutes and then disappearing just as the kayakers tried to get up close and personal.

I sat in the marina surrounded by the seafaring vessels which call this place “home”.  Their anchors steady them while the rhythmic waters gently rock them like a lullaby sung by the sea.  In those moments, I felt safe – somehow wrapped in the security and predictability of the harbor.  I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty.  The silence drowning out the noise I was retreating from.

Before I had to slip back to reality,  I walked over to admire my favorite tugboat – The Sandman.  On display for our annual Harbor Days festival, she always makes me smile.  Such personality and presence.  Cared for by a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring her into a floating museum – preserving her memories of maritime history.  Check her out the next time you retreat to the harbor:  The Sandman Tugboat.

Whatever life brings your way, remember how close we Olympians are to the beautiful serenity of the sea – our safe harbor.

Posted by: kenziepm on September 8, 2017
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