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Hidden treasure


Porter Creek Falls ~ Elma, Washington. Photo taken by Julie Brannberg in April 2016

Did you know something so beautiful was just a little bit south of Olympia? Porter Falls is located at “the confluence of Porter Creek and the West Fork of Porter Creek” inside Capitol Forest. Many times these natural beauties are located such that we have to admire them from afar but Porter Falls invites you to get up close and personal. You could even get your feet wet at several spots along the trail if you’re the type that likes to venture off the beaten path.

The hike is perfect for all types of hikers:  families, those pushing jogging strollers or if Fido wants to tag along on his leash.  The Porter Creek Campground is nearby and can be camped at from May through November – no fee and no reservations.  Just make sure to bring along your Discover Pass and maybe a roll of toilet paper as porta-potties are as civilized as it gets!

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Posted by: kenziepm on June 6, 2016
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